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This area of the website is for English speakers only. Other pages are in Croatian. This page is about domaining just as the other pages, with the difference that this is the only page (with sub pages) in English.

Website is providing information about domaining, trading with domain names. In Croatia this business is not developed at all and this website aiming to present this business to the population of this area. If you are a foreigner who visited this website, feel free to contact me in English with any question you may have. contains many texts about this business, but all are in Croatian and I dont plan to have them in English at the moment as this website is intended for domestic audience. Anyway, if you are not familiar with domaining and would like to learn more about this business feel free to contact me and I will be happy to present this business to you. was started to promote this great and profitable business so it would be my pleasure. 

If you already know what domaining is and are interested in it, I am offering useful and effective info for serious and professional trading with domains.

I am in domain industry for years and gained a big experience. I sold more than 1,000 domains and know what you should do to be successful in this business. I like to promote domaining as I adore this business, but if you already do know what it is and are interested to start with serious domaining I am offering instructions for making serious profit from this business.

With my instructions you will be earning $3k+ per month on the average. That amount of monthly profit requires following my instructions and work of 20 hours per week max. That would be less than 3 working hours per day, or 3-5 hours per day Mon-Fri only. Also, from time to time you will sell some domains for high $ each, maybe even in $ range. But it should be expected that you will earn $3k-$4k each month, on the regular basis.

My Domaining instructions are available at only $49, and with the sale of your first domain by following my instructions you will earn few times higher profit. Symbolic price for my knowledge and effort.

I am offering info how and where to find good domains for less than $10 each, and how and where to resell them for $xxx each, and in some occasions even more. How to determine which domain is good and which one is not. How to harvest contact info of your potential buyers even if it looks like their contact info is not traceable. I offer 10 super effective and proven methods for finding high quality prospective buyers for your domains. I also offer best ways to contact your prospective buyers. You will learn how to sell each domain you captured by following my Domaining instructions. If for some reason you dont manage to sell some domain for high profit I have a solution for that too. I will teach you how to get profit (smaller, but still profit) from it as well. All this is about selling domains for serious profit only few days after you registered/purchased them for less than $10. I get many domains for less than $10 each and sold them few days later for $xxx each so I find myself as a good choice as a mentor. My Domaining instructions are "straight to the point", and they will show you what exactly you have to do to sell a domain for very high profit. You dont need to invest anything except $10 or less to purchase or register one domain which you will sell for $xxx at the average. My tutorial is for total beginners just as for domainers who are already in this business but are not able to cross the $3k monthly profit. Domain registration, domain push, domain transfer, escrow service and much more are included in my Domaining instructions too. By following my instructions I guarantee that you will be making $3k a month, or more, in profits on a regular basis. It is not excluded that you will have the months with profit of $10k or even more. With sale of only 10 domains a month in range of $250-$300 each on the average you will have an average monthly profit of $3k. 10 sales a month is decent result, but far away from good. 10 sales is just something what everyone who follow my instructions will have. I often get offers higher than $1,000 for domains which I paid $10 or less just few days earlier. One sale in the range of mid $xxxx and few other sales of $300 on the average bring almost $10k in profits for that month and that is something what is not rare in domaining. 

In my Domaining instructions are all the necessary info, but if you purchase my tutorial and feel you would like to ask me anything else I will be happy to get back to you.

Domaining instructions are available here at the price of only $49. You will get them at the email address of your PayPal account. If you would prefer to receive your Domaining instructions at some other email address please contact me and let me know.

Also, I offer one other service, Domaining instructions as a gift! You can purchase Domaining instructions for someone else. Give a job to someone who you like.

If you know anyone who need a job, or additional income, Domaining instructions could be a perfect gift to him/her. It is much better than you give him/her money, and Domaining instructions would be very original and useful gift.

Sometimes is very difficult to pick an appropriate present for someone. If your friend has a birthday soon here is one very original idea, send him/her Domaining instructions as a gift! You could use Domaining instructions as Christmas gift as well.

I will send Domaining instructions on cd, wrapped in decorative paper with a bow. Message with a package included. You only need to contact me and let me know the info about recipient and text of the message. This service is available worldwide. Price for this service is $69, no matter where you want Domaining instructions to be sent (free shipping). This stands for standard shipping. Fast delivery is also possible, with additional cost. Tracking number is available for online tracking.

Purchase this service here at only $69 and contact me with necessary info. Send Domaining instructions anywhere in the world as a gift!

*Please note that all written materials at, just as Domaining instructions, are copyrighted and are protected by international law. With violation of my copyright you are risking a lawsuit.

You are allowed to share this written material (except Domaining instructions) only with providing the source and link to

I am sorry for this notice, and thank you for respecting my copyright.     

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