I can help you to purchase domain at lower price. I do not sell domains for someone else because I am occupied with selling my own domains, but I could help with your domain purchase.

This stands for those who want to purchase a domain for their own needs, not for reselling. If you want to purchase a domain for which owner ask $2500, and you dont want to pay more than $1000, I can help.

If you saw that domain that you want is at Sedo, or some other aftermarket, I am offering my help. I could also help if domain is not listed anywhere. I cant guarantee that I will have success, but I could try and have reasons to believe that it will be successful. It would be good that you have not contacted the owner of domain yet.

If your wanted domain is out of use or parked, it is a big possibility that the owner of domain is a domainer. When experienced domainer feels that you might be an end user for his domain then he will hold or even raise the price.

I do know how to check if the owner is domainer or just selling domain which he dont need anymore. The most important is that I might know him if he is an active domain trader. All we who are in this business for many years are mostly connected or heard for each other. There is a possibility that we had some transactions in the past. If the owner of your wanted domain is someone who I know, then you can be sure that I will be able to get that domain at much lower price than you would. I am known in domain business and many domainers do know me, so they would know that I dont want to purchase the domain for myself. They would know that I need it for reselling. That would secure me a better price, so called "reseller price". My big reference here is that I am known in domaining business and would not be characterized as end user so I would get the domain at much lower price.

For this service I dont charge anything in case of failure. You will pay me commission only in case of successful transaction. My commission is 20% of the difference between the price that is your maximum and the price which you paid. My minimal commission is $10 in case that is low value transaction. That is the most fair, and you could be sure that I will do my best to get the domain at minimal price as by that my commission will be higher. If you are prepared to pay $5000, and I get you the domain for $1000, my commission would be 20% of $4000 ($5000-$1000), and that would be $800. If you are prepared to pay $5000, and I get you the domain for $3500, my commission would be $20 of $1500 ($5000-$3500), and that would be $300. It is clear that is also my interest to get you the domain at lowest possible price.

For this service please contact me with the name of domain and max amount that you are prepared to pay.

You will also have my full guidance during the whole transaction, if needed.

Again, if there will be no transaction at the end you dont need to pay any commission.


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